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Eight attentions required for motorcycle driving at night



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Driving at night is very different from driving in the daytime. In order to ensure the safety of driving at night, in addition to strict compliance

In addition to traffic regulations, the following points should be emphasized:

1. The lighting equipment and signal system of motorcycles must be complete and reliable. If there is a fault on the way, it should be excluded and then drive.

2. Be good at judging the road surface during driving. The light is on the road surface, and all the concave parts are black shadows. If the black shadow disappears when approaching, it means that the road surface has small convex and concave places; if the black shadow still exists when approaching, it means deep pit, and it should be decelerated at this time. Open, do not blindly pass.

3. When you find that the lights of your car are on the side of the road, it indicates that there is a curve on the road ahead; if the curve is continuous, the light must move from the side of the road to the other side; if the light is found off the road, it indicates the front. The road is sharp. After encountering the above situation, you should slow down immediately.

4. Driving in the dark, the slope of the road can be judged according to the working condition of the engine. When the motorcycle climbs the slope, the engine sounds dull; when the slope is down, the engine load is reduced, so the sound is lighter. In the driving, pay attention to listening to changes in the engine sound, so as to choose a good gear. At the same time, the change of the light can also be used to judge the slope condition. If you find that the light projection distance changes from far to near, it means that the motorcycle is approaching the uphill road, or the downhill will reach the low valley section of the slope; if the light suddenly appears close, even the headlights almost touch the road, indicating the motorcycle Have faced a steep slope, or enter the bottom of the continuous undulating road, at this time should concentrate, ready to shift into the low gear to increase traction. If you find that the distance projected by the light suddenly becomes far away, even if the light hits the sky, it indicates that the motorcycle has reached the top of the slope. At this time, you should immediately reduce the oil and slow down, and prepare for braking at any time.

5. Driving at night, such as the headlights suddenly do not shine or other bright light, you can stop for a while, close your eyes, wait until the vision is fully adapted, then continue driving.

6. When crossing the bicycle at night, it is necessary to prevent the rider from being dazzled and unable to grasp the direction when slamming or falling; when overtaking the bicycle in the same direction, not only must you see the driving route ahead of the vehicle, but also see the bicycle. The road ahead, in case the bicycle encounters obstacles and suddenly turns to the middle of the road or falls.

7. If you need to stop on the way, rely on the right side of the road and open the front small lights and tail lights to avoid being hit by the passing vehicles.

8. At night, the driver should have enough sleep during the day. If you are sleepy on the way, you should stop and get off the train to get rid of the tiredness; if you are very sleepy, you should stop and do not drive. Otherwise, it will cause an accident due to slow movement, oversight, and misjudgment.