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The world's first motorcycle, motorcycle development history!



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The development of every thing is not like a monkey, it is drawn from the stone.

The same is true for motorcycles. The development of twists and turns, we are in the history, we can deeply understand this.

Before the invention of the bicycle in 1790, the horse-drawn carriages of the two legs and four feet of the human being had always been the means of transportation recognized by the East and the West, and these were all based on the use of biology as a source of power.



Among the tools invented by humans, the closest to the engine is the steam engine. The world's first engine was the steam turbine invented by the ancient Greek mathematician Hero of Alexanria in the first century AD (this is the prototype of the steam engine), and it was known until later. In 1769, Watt built an early industrial steam engine, and it has been 17 centuries. After another 30 years, Watt created a steam engine in the modern sense. The application of the steam engine to the vehicle has been 38 years since 1769 (in 1807, Robert Fulton installed the steam engine on the ship). However, this does not make a motorcycle.

The internal combustion engine is a kind of power machine that converts the fuel into its internal combustion to convert thermal energy into kinetic energy. In 1876, the German inventor Otto used the principle of Rosha to create the first reciprocating piston, single cylinder and lying. The 3.2 kW (4.4 hp) four-stroke internal combustion engine uses gas as fuel, flame ignition, 156.7 rpm, a compression ratio of 2.66, and a thermal efficiency of 14%.



In 1881, British engineer Clark developed the first two-stroke gas engine and exhibited it at the Paris Expo.

With the development of oil, gasoline and diesel, which are easier to transport than gas, have attracted people's attention. The first to be tested is the volatile gasoline. In 1883, Germany's Daimler created the first vertical gasoline engine, which is characterized by light weight and high speed. At that time, the speed of other internal combustion engines did not exceed 200 rpm, but it jumped to 800 rpm, which was especially suitable for the requirements of traffic transmission machinery.

This laid the foundation for the emergence of motorcycles! ! !

Many people think that the world's first motorcycle was made by German Gottlieb Daimler and his assistant Maybach. There is such an introduction on the Internet: "In the spring of 1885, Gottlieb Dai of Germany After years of research and experimentation, Müller and his assistant Maybach finally produced an air-cooled two-stroke vertical single-cylinder gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine with a capacity of 264 cc and a maximum power of 0.5 hp at 600 rpm. The engine was installed on a bicycle-framed bicycle, and the world's first motorcycle was born." It is also equipped with pictures (pictured as a model).


But in fact, the year before the birth of this motorcycle, the British Edward Butler designed a three-wheeled motorcycle (three rounds) Butler Petrol Cycle, which is sold to the market. This motorcycle is powered by kerosene. Driven by a 466-watt, 600 cc water-cooled four-stroke engine, produced by the Merryweather Fire Vehicle Manufacturing Company. But later, this motorcycle ended in failure due to lack of funds.